2015. május 27., szerda

It is official, Marble is coming to Android

First, I would like to announce, I have been chosen as a Google Summer of Code student and my task is to provide a working version of Marble on Android at the end of the summer.
This is a very important for Marble, because Marble currently only available on Desktop and on same rare mobile platforms (Maemo, MeeGo) but on the most widespread platform (Android), not. It is very sad because it is more and more common in education systems that they use TVs, tablets and smartphones with Android so they can’t use Marble as an educational tool.
The supported Android platforms will be Android v2.3.3 (API level 10) and higher, because it will be ported with Qt for Android.

The work has been started. Stay tuned...

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  1. At least as far as Java is concerned setting minimum API level to 10 severely limits your capacity as in what you can do. Development and innovation is severely hampered down because you want yo support those 10% of lower end devices. Now a days most open source devices would want to work from API 14 or rather API15. I am not sure how it works in Qt for Android.

  2. Congrats,

    We need these Marble blocks on Android...